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Emergency Cash Generators

by    Thursday, October 22nd, 2015




WARNING: If someone tells you there are no secret techniques for making money fast — they either don’t know what they’re talking about or they don’t want YOU to know about them

“Are You Ready To Learn the REAL Cash Generating Techniques They’ve Been Hiding From You For All These Years?”



Keep Reading this Website and I’ll Show You Three Simple Ways You Can Put Cash In Your Pocket Fast!

  • How to Profit with Tiny Online Storage Lockers


(I promise you — this valuable merchandise isn’t stolen — BUT, don’t be surprised if you feel a little bit guilty when you make 200% to 1000% profit — or more — in just a few days!)

  • Found Money


(Why you may have money — even hundreds or thousands of dollars that you don’t even know about. Quick online search you can do to uncover this money and exactly how to collect it.)

  • The Online Arbitrage


(3 simple techniques that allows anyone with a computer and internet connection to earn extra money online. Video Case Study of each of these three techniques using “live” examples so you can easily duplicate.)
Keep reading for more details...

For the past several months I’ve been secretly testing out little-known and clever ways to make money both online and offline.

I’ve personally tested hundreds of different techniques, tactics, and yes even schemes for generating fast cash.

Now, I’ve compiled all the best of these techniques into a unique package called, Emergency Cash Generators. Use these techniques anytime you need to generate cash quickly.

if you have a few minutes to spare I want to show you some secret tricks and techniques I use to bring in extra money anytime I need it.

I think I know what you’re probably thinking

  • “These will be the same old unworkable schemes I have seen a million times before.”

Give me just seven minutes of your time and I think you’ll see these techniques really are different!

For example…

Have you ever heard of this technique? It’s called the

Online Arbitrage…

It’s a simple technique that allows anyone with a computer and internet connection to earn extra money {at home} by finding items on one website that can be bought and then sold on another website for a profit. Sort of likeflipping houses except the entire process is done completely online.

The special twist I discovered is a secret way that allows anyone to find a never ending supply of cheap inventory that can be flipped for a F-A-S-Tprofit.

More about the Online Arbitrage technique in a minute…

It’s just one of the techniques you’ll find in my Insiders How-To Package:

Emergency Cash Generators — Ingenious Ways to Make Money Both Online and Off

Here’s another Money Making Idea You’ll Learn About…

My buddy, Mike, loves to travel. While vacationing in Florida one summer Mike stumbled onto a great little money making idea that netted him $50,000 his first year, part-time — while he was traveling around goofing off and having fun.

Now Mike travels all over the country — from Key West, Florida to Salem, Oregon — doing this business and makes all the money he needs.

You don’t have to travel to do this. You can do it right in your own hometown if you want. And the market is wide open because hardly anyone else is doing it. (see page 32 for complete details)

Here is another one:

I’ll show you how to collect $25.00 bucks from local businesses in your area for a very simple “no-brainer” service you perform for them.

You see, if they did the service themselves it would cost them much, much more than $20.00. But, you can do this service for all of them at once and save them a bundle. While at the same time raking in $400.00 – $500.00 for yourself. (see page 45)

Here are a few more examples of what you will find in “Emergency Cash Generators:”

  • How to making a mint selling your unwanted stuff on Craigslist — get fast “cold hard cash” for items you have collecting dust in your attic, basement or garage! (the key is the 3 secrets I’m going to reveal about using Craigslist like a ninja)


  • How I made $1125.00 using a certain free online website one lazy Sunday afternoon.


  • Crafty way 3 men make up to $4000.00 a week visiting yard sales.


(The Next Is Great Money Maker And Perfectly Legal)

  1. A certain webpage (actually hidden — I’ll give you the exact link) that has buyers for a certain type of product that you probably have in your house right now. These buyers are willing to pay top dollarand they even list how much they are willing to pay.
  2. The two items that sell like hotcakes on Craigslist — you probably have these in your basement or garage that you aren’t using — might as well turn them into cash.​
  3. A neat way to make money every time it rains.
  4. A certain list you can create in about 10 minutes that will generate extra income for life — IF you put it to use.
  5. The treasure trove that lays hidden in your house — you have potential cash in every room of your house if you know what to look for… (I’ll tell you)
  6. Thinking of holding a Yard Sale to make some extra cash? Don’t! There is a much more profitable way to get rid of your unwanted stuff.
  7. Get paid $25.00 — $35.00 to watch TV? The catch is you can only do this once or twice a week but still – it’s like free money!
  8. The perceived price in a buyers mind and how to use this to your advantage when selling.
  9. How to make extra money as an amateur sleuth.
  10. How to get products for free that you turn around and sell for a quick profit.
  11. Got any gift cards your haven’t used? You can flip them online for a quick profit — the best place to sell to get the highest price.
  12. Where in your local area you can find quick and easy “Day Work” were you can earn cash just fordoing simple tasksno manual labor required.
  13. A free online directory of companies looking to pay people to take surveys and participate in focus groups.
  14. Simple service a 16 year old boy offers people in his neighborhood — he collects a $5 dollar bill from each of them for this 30 second task — but what he does saves them potentially hundreds of dollars.

All of these methods I have either done myself… or I personally known people who do them to make extra money. You are not going to find the same old worn out ideas that you can get for free on the internet. And even though many of these tactics are so easy — generate cash so quickly you may think its like stealing — I promise you there is nothing here that is illegal, immoral or unethical...

You will find that many of these techniques require no start up cash. But even if they do, less than $50is about all you will need for any of these little ventures — and, if needed, you can raise that money quickly by using the free methods provided.

Here are some more of the quick money making ideas you’ll learn about:

  1. Ingenious service a retired 70 year old man provides to people looking to buy a car. He does most of the work online and saves the car buyer 100s or even 1000s of dollars so they are happy to pay his $200 fee.
  2. Women — how to make money from clueless guys — and they’ll thank you for it!
  3. Simple technique to Instantly increase your take-home pay — I am shocked that more people don’t know about this.
  4. A certain renewable item most people just throw away — but can be sold for $100s or even $1000s of dollars IF you know where to find people who are desperately looking to buy this… I’ll give you the exact website where these buyers hang out.
  5. Curious formula shows you how to Double your Disposible Income.
  6. How to get top dollar by selling certain items on Amazon… I’ll give you a complete list of what sellsthe best: you may have some of these just collecting dust in your house.
  7. Don’t have any of these items I just mentioned? That’s OK becaise I’ll show you where to buy these items cheap that you can list on Amazon and a quick profit.​
  8. A free online calculator that will allow you to quickly see if you can make a good profit on an item before you buy it.​
  9. My “Rules of the Road” for determining if I will buy a product to resell on Amazon or not.​
  10. You can make a living selling collectibles on eBay — IF you know these two secrets: buying low AND the one thing to look for on the item (this makes it easy for anyone to find valuable collectibles without any other knowledge)​
  11. The eBay to Amazon Arbitrage (video) — Another Case Study Video showing how to find hot items on eBay you can resell on Amazon for a profit.
  12. Profit with Tiny Online Storage Lockers — have you even seen the reality shows on TV about people buying Storage Lockers and reselling the contents? I’ve done that before and it can be profitable but it can also require a huge investment. Plus, its no fun standing out in the rain or cold weather. But now, you can do it completely online using a certain webs site (link provided in the material you’ll get)
  13. Odd way one man made $3267.00 rummaging through old newspapers. (works best in a small town)
  14. Case Study Video — Another site you can source product on to resell on eBay. (you’re going to laugh when you see the product this guy is selling)

What would you expect to pay for just one of these amazing money making techniques elsewhere? $14.00? $27.00? $47.00? More?

What is this manual worth to you IF just ONE of these techniques brings you cash anytime you need it?

That’s like asking:

What’s a Goose that lays Golden Eggs worth?

This Insider’s How To Package with all the tactics and techniques above plus 66 minutes of “this is how you do it” downloadable videos is a steal at $97.00. But, if you order today — right now — you can get this valuable information for only $30 $1 now. That’s more than a 95% discount off the regular price!

You will be able to download the electronic version of Emergency Cash Generators instantly so you can get started right now.

Just click the button below to get access now

Table of Contents

  1. Section 1: Seed Money

    • Selling Your Unwanted Stuff F-A-S-T
    • Here’s the real secret to selling on Craigslist
    • How to Sell Your Used CDs, DVDs and Video Games for Immediate Cash
    • Selling Pre-order Items on
    • Selling on Amazon
    • Sell Your Unused Gift Cards
    • Craigslist services and Etc Jobs
    • Local Research Companies
    • Unusual Seed Money Ideas
    • Part 2: Quick Cash Systems
    • Flipping Amazon Profits
    • Flipping eBay Profits
    • Profit with Tiny Storage Lockers
    • The eBay Arbitrage
    • Jeepers Peepers
    • Here is a sample flyer that you can use
    • Frequent Flyers
    • Scoop Poop & Rake in the Bucks
    • Promotion Commotion
    • Dry Cleaner Promotional “Bounce Back” Card
    • Real Home Assembly Job
    • The Pickup Artists
    • Rain, Rain — Don’t Go Away
    • On Your Honor
    • Every Man’s Concierge
    • Unique Money Making Kit
    • Yellow Page Courier
    • Make Money Selling Hot Niche Info Products That You Can Get For Free
    • Clueless in Seattle
    • A Home for Orphaned Cell Phones
    • My Town Booklet
    • Buy Low, Sell High
    • Merchandise – FREE for the Taking!
    • Part 3: Found Money
    • Forgotten Cash
    • I Believe That Belongs to Me
    • PMI Windfall
    • A Penny Saved is a Quarter Earned
    • Cash Register Rip Offs

Excerpt from the eBook

Jeepers Peepers
Imagine you have just bought a new house. After years of living in an apartment you finally put together the money needed for a down payment on your own home. You find a nice newly built house in a suburban neighborhood and take out a mortgage.
The day after you close on your house you begin the dreaded moving process. That night, after a long hard day of moving, you decide to treat yourself and the friends who helped you to a couple of pizzas delivered to your new house. You and your friends sit down to relax and watch a little TV. About 29 minutes later the doorbell rings. You go to answer the door
and that’s when you realize — there is no peephole in the front door. What’s up with that? You always had a peephole when you lived in an apartment.
You KNOW it’s the pizza guy outside ringing the doorbell. But still — it’s nice to be able to see outside. Especially because your wife will be alone at home on nights when you are away on business.
You make a mental note you need to get a peephole.
Fast forward to 2 months later…
The doorbell rings. Dang, you still haven’t got that peephole. You thought about buying one but then you would have to buy a drill and even then you are not really sure if you know how to install it. You know these little things always turn into day long projects. You’ve got enough to worry about just keeping the grass cut on weekends.
You answer the door. The person on the other side says his company installs peepholes. As he was driving by he noticed your house needed one. He has a couple of different models with him and since he is already in the neighborhood he can sell you one for $29.00 installed.
Would you buy one?
Maybe. Maybe not.
Depends on how bad you want to solve your problem. But, everyone who owns a house that does not have a peephole in the front door thinks about this little inconvenience every time the doorbell rings.
And that is where the Residential Door Viewer Installation Service comes in. A friend of mine came up with this idea a few years ago and he actually turned it into a full time venture netting him $50,000 a year.
To get started, you will need a drill with a 1/2 inch drill bit and a supply of door viewers (peep holes) which you can get at any home improvement store for less than $5.00.
Your target customer will be a middle income white collar “yuppie” homeowner who lives in a new house. He or she is not very handy and does not have a garage full of tools.
Most of your customers will be shocked at how little time you spend installing the door viewer. They usually think it is a more complicated process than it is. After all, you will soon see all you really need to do is drill a hole and screw it in. It takes about 60 seconds.
It is very important to target houses in newer neighborhoods. Why? Because most builders do not install door viewers in the doors of new houses. Yet, when someone moves into a new house they probably previously lived in an apartment or a house that had a peephole. It’s something they don’t even think of until the doorbell rings for the first time and then they discover:
No Peephole!
Then it becomes something they need to do “when they get around to it.”
Of course, that means they never get around to it. So when you offer to install a peephole for them it has already been pre-sold in their mind. It’s an impulse sale.
You need to find out where the new houses in your area are being built and target these neighborhoods. You can find out this information in one of two ways:
1) Talk to local realtors.
2) Look in the Homes For Sale section of the Saturday and Sunday newspaper.
Once you have located a good neighborhood drive down each street and make a note of the houses not having peepholes in the doors (Yes, you can tell as you drive by if the front door has a peephole.) Record the address of each house in a notebook.
Go back to the houses without peepholes, knock on the door and explain your company installs peepholes and you noticed their house needed one.
Here is a proven script that you can use:
YOU: “Hello, my name is _____________ and I’m with Safehouse
Security . We do the door viewer installation for this area
[Optional but if you have installed one already nearby say…]
“and I just installed one for your neighbor down the street…”
[[At This Point as You Say, “Down the Street” Turn and Point Somewhere Down the Street. Now Without Hesitation Continue Saying…]]
“… and I was just driving by and I saw you folks
didn’t have one. Our door viewer gives you 190 degrees
of vision. Here… take a look!”
[[Now Hand the Prospect the Door Viewer and as They Look Straight Ahead (Even with the Front Door Jam) You Stand in One Corner of the Porch and then the Other and Say…]]
“See, even if I stand with my back against the wall you
can still see me. There is really NO place anyone
could hide on the ENTIRE porch without you seeing them.
It’s a good safety device, don’t you think?”
PROSP: “I guess. How much are they?”
YOU: “Since I was already in the neighborhood I can let you have
it for only $39.00 installed. It only takes two minutes
to install and I can do it for you right now.”
[[Now DO NOT Say Another Word Until They Talk…]]
PROSP: “Okay, I’ll take one.”
YOU: “Great! Let me get my tools, and I’ll be right back.”
[[Of Course They Won’t All Be That Easy. You Will
Usually Need To Answer Some Objections. Here Are The
Most Common Ones:]]
PROSP: “I have to ask my husband”
YOU: “Well, I can appreciate that. But, I install more of these
door viewers for the lady of the house because they are
made with you in mind. Your husband is concerned with your
safety, isn’t he? Just tell him you got tired of opening
the door to strangers. Tell you what: Let me install it now
and I will knock $10.00 off. It’ll save me that much in gas if I
don’t have to drive back out here.”
PROSP: “We don’t have the money right now.”
YOU: “Well, that’s no problem. I can install it for you now while
I have the tools and you can write me a check and postdate it
for when you’ll have it. Next payday will be fine.
PROSP: “How are they installed?”
YOU: “I have a special drill bit I use to drill a hole at your
eye level. Right in the center of the door. It will look super
when I’m done. How does that sound?”
PROSP: “Do you have a card?”
YOU: “No, I just ran out. But, I’ll tell you what I’ll do… Since I
am here and I have my tools with me, if you’ll let me install it
now for you and save me the gas and trip back out here, I’ll
install it for you for only $29.00 instead of $39.00. How does
that sound, fair enough?”
PROSP: “Can you come back later?”
YOU: “Well, we are from the other side of town and I was just driving
by and saw you need a door viewer so I stopped. But, I’ll
tell you what I’ll do… Since I am here and I have my tools with
me, if you’ll let me install it now for you and save me the gas
and trip back out here, I’ll install it for you for only $29.00
instead of $39.00. How does that sound, fair enough?”
PROSP: “I don’t have time to wait for you to install one now.”
YOU: “You know, the entire installation from start to finish only takes
8 minutes. If it takes any longer than that, it’s FREE! Fair
PROSP: “I’m not interested.”
YOU: “Okay. I’ll tell you what… I’ll install it for $29.00 instead of
$39.00. How does that sound?”
PROSP: “No thanks, I’m not interested.”
YOU: “OK…OK… $19.99. Fair enough?”
PROSP: “I really don’t want one at this time.”
YOU: “Alright, you have a nice day now. Bye.”
If they don’t buy just go to the next house on your list. Remember, this is a numbers game and you are in control. The door viewers only cost you about $5.00 each so you can afford to let them “haggle you down” if you wish. Heck, even if you sell one for $10.00 that’s a $5.00 profit for about 5 minutes work. I’ll take it all day long.
If you make the sale, jog down to your car to get your tools. You want to make sure they wait at the door for you. Don’t give them time to back out before you start drilling.
To do the installation, first ask the wife to step up to the door so you can measure it for her height. Then drill a straight hole through the center of the door. On a wood door, drill from the inside out and stop drilling before the bit goes completely thru. Then go to the outside and finish the job. This will keep the door from splintering.
I highly recommend you practice first by going to your local hardware store or lumber yard and getting some wood pieces that are the same thickness of the average door (approximately 1 and ½ inches).
The door viewer itself is in 2 pieces: The lens and the viewer. The lens fits on the outside and the viewer fits on the inside. Unscrew the viewer from the lens. Insert the lens through the hole from the outside. Insert the viewer from the inside and screw into the lens. Tighten with a screwdriver.
Here are a couple of videos that will show you exactly how to install the door viewers:



Emergency Cash Generators